Night Safety luminous Collar

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Our Glow Collar is a light-up dog collar that keeps your dog safe at night. The colour has three different lighting modes to alert drivers of your dog's presence. It's perfect for nighttime walks or simply giving your dog a cool, unique look! 



  • Visible from a distance of up to 1400 ft. or approximately 1/4 a mile giving motorists ample reaction time
  • Two Modes - constant light or flashing light
  • Made of high quality, durable, water-resistant material that will last for years.
  • The fabric is very comfortable and non-abrasive.
  • Only Nite Beams LED Leashes to have lights on both sides -Add the matching leash
  • Easy On/Off.  Just push the button on the battery case to select between On (constant light), Off or Flash.

LED Nylon collar for walking with your dog at night, makes your dog look adorable and unique. certified Waterproof design. Can be easily removed and cleaned at night.  

BATTERY VERSION : Battery: 2 pieces CR2032 (included) battery-powered button
Autonomy: 60-80 hours, 2-3 normal months; the battery can be replaceable, convenience stores or supermarkets are available.
RECHARGEABLE USB VERSION: You will not have the trouble to buy a new battery when it runs out.

We recommend this version.

What comes in the box

Battery Version 1x Pet Nylon Security Lamp LED Collar
USB Rechargeable Version   1x Nylon LED Safety Lamp Collar for Pets + 1 X USB Cable

Harness Chart

Sizes Range Adjustable range
XS 38cm*41cm 8cm
S 41cm*44cm 8cm
M 46cm*50cm 8cm
L 52cm*56cm 8cm
XL 56cm*60cm  8cm

Troubleshooting Information

In order to prevent the lights from being pressed and flashing during delivery, we make a small plastic film to stop the switch. When you receive the collar, simply remove this film and the lights will work.