Luxury Plush Daisy Non-slip Bathroom Mat

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Luxury Plush Daisy Non-slip Bathroom Mat

  • Rugs are constructed of premium thick Microfiber and provide soft pile fabric to help soothe tired feet.  Feels like you’re walking on clouds.

  • Chose from two fabulous colours and 3 sizes!
  • The backing is designed to improve friction and safety and is suitable for various floors. The thick bathroom mat helps to quickly absorb the moisture from wet feet and protects your feet from cold floors.

  • The elegant rugs can be used at tub side, in front of the sink, or at any place where you want support and warmth on your toes. 

  • The microfiber bath mat is easy to clean; simply toss it into the washing machine with gentle detergent on the gentle cycle and let air dry. With premium fiber locking technology, every fiber is firmly attached onto the backing so that the mat will not shed.

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