Multi-function dishwashing Brush Brush for pot Kitchen Tools Non-stick oil Non-stick pan

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  • The spatula on top of the dishwasher brush helps remove stubborn food and can be filled and reused, perfect for washing dishes, pans, sinks, etc.
  • Handheld liquid dispenser brush, comfortable to hold, easy to hold hanghole sturdy nylon brush head and sponge head without damaging kitchen utensils, this is a powerful cleaning brush.
  • To install the brush head, simply add liquid detergent to the transparent tank and press the button to start cleaning the kitchen, including dishes, bowls, basins, glasses and anything else you want to clean.
  • High-quality nylon bristles are not easy to deform or fall off, with thick bristles, easy to remove stains and care for hand skin, keep clean and worry-free. The high-density sponge has strong water absorption,Soft, can prevent scratches on dishes.