Multifunction Pet Leash with Built-in Water Bottle, Bowl and Waste Bag Dispenser

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Multifunction Pet Leash with Built-in Water Bottle,Bowl and Waste Bag Dispenser

This Leash has everything you need when you head out on a walk with your favorite pet!

The Leash includes: 

-Leash, Water Bottle, Collapsible Bowl, Waste bag dispenser and hook for carrying used waste bags.
-The leash is made from high strength Nylon, is 1" wide and is suitable for small to large size dogs. tested to support up to 220lbs to withstand the largest of dogs.

-The handle to the catch is approximately 5ft-6inch in length

-Box-stitched at stress points for added durability, combined with a solid steel, nickel plated catch

-The Leash is a non-retractable which provides greater control of your dog preventing injuries to dogs and their owners

-The Leash is available in 3 attractive colors (red, black & blue) 

Material: ABS, Nylon, Nickel Plated
Size: 25 x 16 x 5.5cm
Color: Red, Blue & Black

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